Song of the week 11/2016 – The Cure

After a short conversation with a friend I decided that a song of The Cure is the song of the week. The Cure was the first band I’ve seen live and although I don’t listen them very often, I still love the songs. It was a difficult decision, which song I could chose, because they have so many so good songs. After listening to a lot of songs I’ve chosen this:

The Cure – Open

I think this song isn’t so famous, but it expresses what I often feel or think.

Song of the week 10/2016 – Combichrist

After the good news last week – Combichrist will be on tour in June – is of course the song of the week a song by Combichrist.

Combichrist – Get Your Body Beat

This video is from the Combichrist concert last year at the MS Stubnitz. A small venue, but a very intensive and hot concert! And by the way, it’s one of my favourite songs of them. So I’m really happy to see the guys soon again and I’m looking forward to the party.

Tour dates:

June 03, 2016 – Hamburg (GER) – Grosse Freiheit 36
June 04, 2016 – Erfurt (GER) – HsD
June 05, 2016 – Munich (GER) – Backstage
June 09, 2016 – Cologne (GER) – Live Music Hall
June 10, 2016 – Tielt (B) – Europahal
June 11, 2016 – Amsterdam (NL) – P60
June 12, 2016 – Copenhagen (DK) – Amager Bio
June 13, 2016 – Gothenburg (SWE) – Sticky Fingers
June 14, 2016 – Stockholm (SWE) – DB Lux
June 16, 2016 – Turku (SF) – Klubi
June 17, 2016 – Tampere (SF) – Yo-Ta-Lo
June 18, 2016 – Helsinki (SF) – Circus
June 19, 2016 – Tallinn (EST) – Rock Café
June 23, 2016 – Gdansk (PL) – B90
June 24, 2016 – Dresden (GER) – Strasse E
June 26, 2016 – Frankfurt/Main (GER) – Batschkapp

I think there will come more dates soon, but that’s the actual schedule.

Song of the week 09/2016 – Aesthetic Perfection

Why this band and this song? To be honest, I don’t know. It was just the first thought I had. Aesthetic Perfection will be playing in May some old school shows and the made for the 3 shows in Hamburg, Gothenburg and Stockholm a poll for the setlist. Unfortunately this song is always at the bottom of the poll, although I think, it’s a very good song. But maybe they will it play anyway? Who knows. So here’s the song of the week 09/2016

Aesthetic Perfection – Filthy Design

This video was recorded in Hanover at the club Engel07. It was a small, but very nice club. Unfortunately they have now a different music programme, so that bands like AP will not play there again.

But I’m looking forward to the old school shows, it will be interesting to see them just with a microphone and a keyboard again like in the beginning. And I’m interested to see, how it will work with the newer songs.

Tour dates:

Old-School Performances

May 4, 2016 – Hamburg (GER) – Rock Café
May 6, 2016 -Gothenburg  (SWE) – Musikens Hus
May 7, 2016 – Stockholm (SWE) – Debaser
May 16, 2016 – Leipzig (GER) – Wave Gotik Treffen

Full Band Performances

July 17, 2016 – Tampere (SF) – Lumous Gothic Festival
July 19, 2016 – Munich (GER) – Backstage
July 21, 2016 – Berlin (GER) – PrivatClub
July 22, 2016 – Dresden (GER) – Reithalle Straße E
July 23, 2016 – Cologne (GER) – Amphi Festival

Song of the week 08/2016 – The Exploding Boy

In a few days I’ll be in Helsinki at the Synapsi festival. There is also the band The Exploding Boy from Sweden. And therefore is the Song of the week

The Exploding Boy – 40 Days

I’ve seen them one time before, that was at the Amphi festival in Cologne. They played there at the Staatenhaus, which is/was very common for the bad acoustic. And in addition to this were at this day massive problems with the sound, not only at The Exploding Boy, also at other bands. So therefore was this not the best day and so I’m looking forward to see them now in Helsinki again.
I like this song, I think it’s the best from the album „Afterglow“. But you should also listen to the other songs, for example London or Desperados.

Song of the week 7/2016 – IAMX

This week I’ve chosen IAMX, because I’ll see them in 10 days again. This time in Helsinki. It’s my first trip to Finland and I’m very excited. And because I like the song so much, the song of the week is

IAMX – Happiness

It’s not just the dark, depressive atmosphere, it’s also the lyrics which I really love. My favourite song of this album.