2015 in retrospect

Ok, the year 2015 is nearly over, time for reflecting what happened this year.


– made with Christine an 64-hours-without-sleep-trip to London to see Protafield
– went a second time to the UK to see Telemark in Manchester, London and Edinburgh
– went a third time to the UK to see Controlled CollapseProtafield and Combichrist
– had a great time during and after the Combichrist concert in Hamburg and went without sleep direct to work
– enjoyed Telemark for the 4th time at their first show in Germany
– had a great weekend in Leipzig at the Gothic Meets Klassik – Mesh with orchestra and “You Couldn’t See This Coming” (I still have goosebumps by thinking of this)
– was at a fantastic IAMX concert
– met a lot nice people, some of them for the first time


– lost a friend – RIP Anja, you’re gone too early :o(
– too many doubts, too less decisions
– too many thoughts, too less conclusions
– health problems in the last weeks
– disappointed by some people

What else?

– got nearly 10 times advertising for hearing aid at Spotify and Facebook *WTF?*
– was at 23 concerts and 4 festivals
– visited 11 cities, but only 1 foreign country

Let’s see, what 2016 will bring. I hope, it’ll start better than this year ended. I’m looking forward to the concerts/festivals, the trip to Helsinki and hopefully other nice moments.

And I hope to see the people again who I really miss now! Wish you all the best for 2016!

Oh, and here again my Top 10 artists for the last 12 months. 😊

Top Artists 2015

my Top Artists 2015

Mashup time – Bynar with „Sacred Truth“

Mashup time -2-

Some days ago I posted Bynar’s fantastical mashup of Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy. And as I mentioned there before, I really love this track. Now here’s another great track. Sacred Truth contains elements from Paradise Lost – Nothing Sacred, Black Sun Empire – Dark Girl, Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth, Annie Lennox – Coloured Bedspread, Blonde Redhead – The Dress, DJ Shadow – Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt and Kareem Rush – Hold You Down (Promises) (Acapella).
The combination of Depeche Mode and Paradise Lost is really great and I’m listening to this song very often in the last days. And I also started to listen more Paradise Lost songs, especially the album Host.

Facebook – How to promote a band there?

Promotion for bands at Facebook

I read a lot about promotion and marketing for bands. For example about music marketing on Facebook, which is really difficult, because many tips sound very easy, but they don’t work. Here’s an example.



How to gaining more fans at Facebook?


Use an app – yeah, „good“ idea

Today I found a tip at a blog post (from September this year) and was a bit surprised. They recommend the iLike app for the Facebook fan page. They write, this app has more than 200 million users, so you have the chance to reach a lot of people. Sounds perfect, right? The problem, this app doesn’t exist anymore – since 2012. So at the first moment this tip sounds too good to be true, but it’s totally useless. Unfortunately I have often this problem, blogs or websites offer a solve for a problem and aren’t up to date. Would be ok, if the post is too old, but this one isn’t.


Facebook is a mystery – or not?

But it’s not the first time that I found ideas for promotion at Facebook, which don’t work. Facebook is a mystery or better said, it isn’t a mystery, but it doesn’t show what the people expect. An example? Below is a very good video which shows that you don’t see, what you think. People want to see the posts of the pages they liked, but often they don’t see them. They get filtered results and if you don’t interact regularly with a fanpage you’ll think that they don’t post anything.



And this makes it difficult for smaller bands to reach their fans – or they have to pay for advertising. But that’s the next problem. Who has the money to run a campaign hoping thereby to reach more people? An example? I could run an 30 day campaign at Facebook. If I invest 5€ per day it would cost 150€ at the end of this campaign. And what would I get at the end? 4-17 likes per day, this means between 120 and 510 likes. But that doesn’t mean that these people really LIKE my fan page and the music. Why? Because that’s the next thing with advertising at Facebook. Here’s another great video by Veritasium about this:



And what’s now the solution?

Good question and if I had the answer for this, I could make a lot of money. But unfortunately I don’t have the answer. I think, it’s stupid for a band to create irrelevant content just to get attraction from the people who liked the page. I mean, it’s a band page, the most important thing should be the music, releases, concerts and other related stuff and not the last lunch, right? So here’s one solution if you following a page and you really want to be up to date. If you hold the Like button a bit longer, you can choose what you’ll see. Set up the notifications for the posts and if this page is really important for you also set up the „Post in News Feed“ with See first. Than you’ll get the news and don’t miss them.


Facebook notifications

Facebook notifications


Help the bands

This means, that you get now all the news about the band, but that doesn’t mean that it helps the band to get more fans. But you can help them to get more attraction and also more fans – share, like and comment their posts, spread the word about their releases, tell your friends how amazing the concerts are.  And, although it has nothing to do with Facebook, buy their music and merchandise and go to the concerts!


IAMX 02.12.2015 at the Mojo Club, Hamburg

IAMX – I’m thrilled, I’m really thrilled! I was at a lot of concerts this year, but I think this one was one of the best. Or maybe the best? It was just perfect – the location, the sound, the dark stage with the restrained lights, the songs, the audience.



The Mojo club

First the location: I wasn’t before in this club, because the music there is normally not mine. A lot of Jazz or Electronic concerts, which isn’t my music taste. So it was the first time that I was there. It’s a really cool club. At the day you don’t see it, because the entrance isn’t really visible – you just see the logo at the ground. In the evening the entrance is raised and you can reach the underground. It’s made with a lot of concrete and wood, round and so it’s a very special atmosphere. It’s a pity that there aren’t not more concerts for our scene.


The IAMX concert

IAMX didn’t had a support band, so the first tone of „I Come With Knives“ started. It was the perfect first song. I was a bit surprised about the light. The stage was during the concert nearly dark, although there was a lot of light. But this was indirect and there were nearly no spots on Chris or the other band mates. But it works really good with the dark atmosphere during the whole concert, especially because a lot of the songs fits to this. The setlist was perfect, they played older songs as well as the songs of the actual album. Especially during „Happiness“ was the stage very dark, perfect for this song. The bass at „After Every Party I Die“ went under the skin and the „drum-battle“ between Chris and Janine during „Tear Garden“ was just great! The audience was also good, they celebrated the band and also themselves. All in all was it a perfect concert.




I Come With Knives – The Alternative – Happiness – Mercy – No Maker Made Me – Volatile Times – Tear Garden – Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me – Spit It Out – Bernadette – Surrender – After Every Party I Die – Aphrodisiac – Your Joy Is My Low – Bring Me Back A Dog – Kiss & Swallow – I Am Terrified

Mashup time – Bynar with „Shut Up And Run“

Mashup time -1-

I really like mashups and sometimes I find some really cool stuff at SoundCloud or Youtube. And because I write here often about music, I think it’s a good idea to present from time to time a mashup.

Through a coincidence I found at SoundCloud a very cool mashup – „Shut Up And Run“, made by Bynar. The sources of this track are Marilyn Manson with „This Is The New Shit (Acapella)“, The Prodigy with „Run With The Wolves“ and Mindless Self Indulgence with „Shut Me Up (VNV Nation 1200 XL Mix)“. I really love this track and you should listen to it. And if you like it, you should also listen to other tracks of Bynar, for example „Sacred Truth“.