Song of the week 6/2016 – Terrolokaust

Sometimes it’s really difficult to decide, which song will be the next „Song of the week“. Should I take a song from a band I listened a lot in the last time? Something new? Something old? Something totally different?
So this week a song of one of my favourite bands, which I miss very much. The guys are so nice and the shows are so great. I hope so much that I can see them in the next time again. And I’m looking forward to the new album! So, ladies and gentlemen, here’s

Terrolokaust with The Way It Must Be

This song was recorded 2014 during the tour together with Aesthetic Perfection and Faderhead. I was at 4 concerts of this tour (Frankfort, Hanover, Berlin and Hamburg) and had a very great time!

Song of the week 5/2016 – Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost – Mystify

Since the great Bynar mashup I heard in the last time a lot Paradise Lost songs. And I can’t explain why, but this song is still the whole time in my mind. I just love the melody and also the lyrics. And this song reminds me at a special person, although I also don’t know, why. But if I hear this song, I think of this person. And no, I’ll not publish the name here.

The song was released at the album „Symbol Of Life“, a fantastic album. Other great songs at this album are Isolate, Xavier, Perfect Mask and Erased.

Song of the week 4/2016 – Parkway Drive

Another week, another song of the week. For the week 4/2016 I’ve selected the following song. I’ll see this band live at the 29th of January, therefore this song. It’s the first time that I’ll see them live, so I’m really excited. I’ll let you know afterwards how it was.

Parkway Drive – Crushed

This song was released at the album „Ire“ in 2015. Other great songs at this album are Writings On The Wall, The Sound Of Violence or Dedicated. So if you like this song above you should also listen to the other songs.

Song of the week 3/2016 – Controlled Collapse

Song of the week 3/2016.
After Estonia last week we stay in the east of Europe. This week goes our trip to Poland, where this following band comes from.

Controlled Collapse – Choice

The song Choice is at the album „Injection“, which was released 2007. I’ll also write more about this band in the next time.

A short introduction to: Freakangel

Freakangel – industrial metal from Estonia

Like promised in the post  Song of the week 2/2016 comes here a short introduction to Freakangel.

The band was founded in the end of 2009 and comes from Tallinn/Estonia. The band members are Dmitry Darling (singer), Art (guitar) and Roman (drums). And although they toured a lot in Europe in the past years, it seems that they are still an insider tip. Their music is dark and guitar-heavy, but also electronic. They mixing elements from different styles and genres. So if you don’t have a problem to dance to electronic music with guitars or banging your head to keyboards, Freakangel is the perfect band for you.

Here are some songs I recommend for the first listening: My Darling Bullet, Parasite, Used, Suck The Poison In, Into The Fire (feat. Javi Ssagittar from Terrolokaust), The Book Of Violence and Queen Of Hearts.


They released 4 albums, The Faults Of Humanity (2010), Let It All End (2012), The Ones To Fall (2013) and the live album The Show Of Violence (2015). The live album is also available as a DVD release. The band also released EPs, 2012 Porcelain Doll, 2013 The Book Of Violence and 2014 Into The Fire. The next studio album is planned for this year.

And although you could listen to their music for free, please support them and buy their releases. And if you have the chance to attend a concert near you, go and watch them live, it is totally worth. You can find more information, videos, songs, merchandise and news about concerts or releases at the links below.