Song of the week 2/2016 – Freakangel

Hello everybody! Here’s the song for week 2/2016.
This week we will take a little trip to the east, to Estonia. And there to the very nice city Tallinn, where Freakangel comes from. This video is a live version of Parasite, recorded at the Rockstar’s Club in Tallinn in 2014.

Freakangel – Parasite

If you like this song, you can watch the full concert here:

I’ll write more about Freakangel in the next time. I think it’s worth that the band get more attention from the people.


Combichrist pillow ;o)

Yeah, I know, it’s crazy. But sometimes I just have crazy ideas and so made I a Combichrist pillow for me. It’s the first time that I made something like that and I really like it. And of course it’s unique.
Now I think about my next project, I have some ideas, but first I have to buy some more little things for these.

Combichrist pillow

my Combichrist pillow

Song of the week 1/2016 – Bullet For My Valentine

This is a new category. Every week I’ll present a song of the week, whether old or new, mainstream or underground. Maybe I heard it lot in the last time, never heard it before or because it is just a classic. Or it’s a new release. It is simply a random selection. Well, this is the first song for week 1/2016.

Bullet For My Valentine – Worthless

Why this song? I like this song, heard it a lot in the last time. And I love the lyrics, at the moment are those more than appropriate. This song was released last year at the album „Venom“. Other very good songs on this album are No Way Out, Broken or Venom.


2015 in retrospect

Ok, the year 2015 is nearly over, time for reflecting what happened this year.


– made with Christine an 64-hours-without-sleep-trip to London to see Protafield
– went a second time to the UK to see Telemark in Manchester, London and Edinburgh
– went a third time to the UK to see Controlled CollapseProtafield and Combichrist
– had a great time during and after the Combichrist concert in Hamburg and went without sleep direct to work
– enjoyed Telemark for the 4th time at their first show in Germany
– had a great weekend in Leipzig at the Gothic Meets Klassik – Mesh with orchestra and “You Couldn’t See This Coming” (I still have goosebumps by thinking of this)
– was at a fantastic IAMX concert
– met a lot nice people, some of them for the first time


– lost a friend – RIP Anja, you’re gone too early :o(
– too many doubts, too less decisions
– too many thoughts, too less conclusions
– health problems in the last weeks
– disappointed by some people

What else?

– got nearly 10 times advertising for hearing aid at Spotify and Facebook *WTF?*
– was at 23 concerts and 4 festivals
– visited 11 cities, but only 1 foreign country

Let’s see, what 2016 will bring. I hope, it’ll start better than this year ended. I’m looking forward to the concerts/festivals, the trip to Helsinki and hopefully other nice moments.

And I hope to see the people again who I really miss now! Wish you all the best for 2016!

Oh, and here again my Top 10 artists for the last 12 months. 😊

Top Artists 2015

my Top Artists 2015

Mashup time – Bynar with „Sacred Truth“

Mashup time -2-

Some days ago I posted Bynar’s fantastical mashup of Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy. And as I mentioned there before, I really love this track. Now here’s another great track. Sacred Truth contains elements from Paradise Lost – Nothing Sacred, Black Sun Empire – Dark Girl, Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth, Annie Lennox – Coloured Bedspread, Blonde Redhead – The Dress, DJ Shadow – Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt and Kareem Rush – Hold You Down (Promises) (Acapella).
The combination of Depeche Mode and Paradise Lost is really great and I’m listening to this song very often in the last days. And I also started to listen more Paradise Lost songs, especially the album Host.