Song of the week 7/2016 – IAMX

This week I’ve chosen IAMX, because I’ll see them in 10 days again. This time in Helsinki. It’s my first trip to Finland and I’m very excited. And because I like the song so much, the song of the week is

IAMX – Happiness

It’s not just the dark, depressive atmosphere, it’s also the lyrics which I really love. My favourite song of this album.

IAMX 02.12.2015 at the Mojo Club, Hamburg

IAMX – I’m thrilled, I’m really thrilled! I was at a lot of concerts this year, but I think this one was one of the best. Or maybe the best? It was just perfect – the location, the sound, the dark stage with the restrained lights, the songs, the audience.



The Mojo club

First the location: I wasn’t before in this club, because the music there is normally not mine. A lot of Jazz or Electronic concerts, which isn’t my music taste. So it was the first time that I was there. It’s a really cool club. At the day you don’t see it, because the entrance isn’t really visible – you just see the logo at the ground. In the evening the entrance is raised and you can reach the underground. It’s made with a lot of concrete and wood, round and so it’s a very special atmosphere. It’s a pity that there aren’t not more concerts for our scene.


The IAMX concert

IAMX didn’t had a support band, so the first tone of „I Come With Knives“ started. It was the perfect first song. I was a bit surprised about the light. The stage was during the concert nearly dark, although there was a lot of light. But this was indirect and there were nearly no spots on Chris or the other band mates. But it works really good with the dark atmosphere during the whole concert, especially because a lot of the songs fits to this. The setlist was perfect, they played older songs as well as the songs of the actual album. Especially during „Happiness“ was the stage very dark, perfect for this song. The bass at „After Every Party I Die“ went under the skin and the „drum-battle“ between Chris and Janine during „Tear Garden“ was just great! The audience was also good, they celebrated the band and also themselves. All in all was it a perfect concert.




I Come With Knives – The Alternative – Happiness – Mercy – No Maker Made Me – Volatile Times – Tear Garden – Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me – Spit It Out – Bernadette – Surrender – After Every Party I Die – Aphrodisiac – Your Joy Is My Low – Bring Me Back A Dog – Kiss & Swallow – I Am Terrified