Song of the week 5/2016 – Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost – Mystify

Since the great Bynar mashup I heard in the last time a lot Paradise Lost songs. And I can’t explain why, but this song is still the whole time in my mind. I just love the melody and also the lyrics. And this song reminds me at a special person, although I also don’t know, why. But if I hear this song, I think of this person. And no, I’ll not publish the name here.

The song was released at the album „Symbol Of Life“, a fantastic album. Other great songs at this album are Isolate, Xavier, Perfect Mask and Erased.

Mashup time – Bynar with „Sacred Truth“

Mashup time -2-

Some days ago I posted Bynar’s fantastical mashup of Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy. And as I mentioned there before, I really love this track. Now here’s another great track. Sacred Truth contains elements from Paradise Lost – Nothing Sacred, Black Sun Empire – Dark Girl, Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth, Annie Lennox – Coloured Bedspread, Blonde Redhead – The Dress, DJ Shadow – Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt and Kareem Rush – Hold You Down (Promises) (Acapella).
The combination of Depeche Mode and Paradise Lost is really great and I’m listening to this song very often in the last days. And I also started to listen more Paradise Lost songs, especially the album Host.